Meet the EFFAN team

The ACES and EFFAN teams is a multi-agency cooperation with multiple fields of expertise:


Kevin Boswell - FIU - Principal Investigator/Acoustic Sampling Methods (ACES/EFFAN)

Mark Barton - FIU Ph.D Student under Kevin Boswell - Isotopes and Trophic Ecology, Summer beach seine team (ACES/EFFAN)

Samuel George - UAF/ANSEP - Field Technician (ACES/EFFAN)

Leandra DeSousa - NSB DWM - Stomach Contents Analysis (EFFAN)

Alexei Pinchuk - NOAA - Stomach Contents Analysis (EFFAN)

Seth Danielson - UAF - Physical Oceanographer (ACES/EFFAN)

Ron Heintz - NOAA - Nutritional Ecology and Energetics (ACES/EFFAN)

Ann Robertson - NOAA - Nutritional Ecology and Energetics (ACES)

John Moran - NOAA - Marine Mammal Scientist (ACES)

JJ Vollenweider - NOAA - Forage Fish Scientist (ACES/EFFAN)

Brenda Norcross - UAF - Fisheries Ecologist (ACES/EFFAN)

Chunyan Li - LSU - Physical Oceanography (ACES/EFFAN)

Adam Zenone - FIU - Acoustics Technician (ACES/EFFAN)

Stella Mosher - NOAA - Field/Lab Technician (EFFAN)


North Slope Borough

North Pacific Research Board

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

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